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"Na vlastní oči" TV NOVA

A report, filmed in 1996, about a young, married, couple of medics from Prague extending help to teach traumatized children from Bosnia and Herzegovina to speak again.

"Na vlastní oči" TV NOVA

​Me along with reporter Stanislav Motl did an investigative report in Ukraine, tracing the roots of Nikola Šuhaj, about whether he was an Ukranian Robin Hood or a looter comitting crimes only for the sake of his own in 1997.

"Občanské judo" Prag 1998
"Na vlastní oči" TV NOVA

​Me along with reporter Stanislav Motl did a series of reports on the aftermath of bombing Yugoslavia in the cities of Beograd, Novi Sad, Aleksinac and Kuršumlija in April 1999.

"Smím prosit" ČT

​An entertaning show about people wanting to learn to dance. A professional instructor has a short, specific, timeframe to prepare them for a competition, during which 8 couples

perform in a finale.

"Černé ovce" ČT

A programme, I have been filming for 13 years, about common issues that Czechs face with bureaucracy, dishonest merchants, or falsehood in general.

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"Taxík" ČT

An entertaining quiz show, during which an assumed cab driver drivers passengers and asks them questions in the meantime. Each correct answer brings the passenger a monetary reward.

With Ladislav Lahoda - FILMKA
Head of Team + Stunt Coordinator


He worked for Radio Free Europe as a director of TV shows intended for Bosnia and Herzegovina and made here total of 32 30-minutes political periodics. He worked on making daily publicistic show by TV Prima - AKTA 97, made few documentary films for ČT within the project„Třicet případů majora Zemana – jak to bylo doopravdy“ and worked as a director of publicistic shows on TV NOVA Občanské judo, Na vlastní oči, Prásk, Peříčko...He works in ČT as a director of TV show Taxík and Černé ovce.

Graduated from Department of documentary film

20 successful years on television

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